Christmas Morning Traditions

With Christmas slowly coming around the corner, every family has its own set of unique traditions to celebrate the holidays. Some families have Christmas crackers or open presents and some families eat sticky buns on Christmas morning. Below is a set of Christmas morning traditions families do together.

Christmas Brunch

Some families typically start their Christmas morning off with brunch. It’s where the family can sit down and enjoy each other’s companies before digging into breakfast casseroles or having sticky buns on Christmas morning. If you’re looking for some brunch items to jazz up your Christmas morning, trying making a french toast casserole. It’s something that the kids will enjoy and you can make it fun by having a separate bowl of toppings.

So everyone can customize their slice of the casserole how they want it without making the entire casserole into a mess that only a few people will enjoy. Not only is french toast casserole a sweet dish to have, but its warm and filling. Some other recipes to try could include mini breakfast quiches, strawberry Santas, bacon and cheddar waffles, or a corned beef and tater tots bake. Whatever brunch items you decide to have at your table, it’s sure to be a hit!

Santa’s Secret Elves

While this isn’t a well known or popular tradition, this one is slowly making its waves across the internet. Stash a sack of secret presents somewhere where your family can’t find them. On Christmas morning retrieve the sack and hand them out, leave a note either somewhere amongst the presents or way in advance before Christmas morning to let your family know that Santa’s elves are delivering a set of special presents. Presents that will be arriving at any time, so long as your kids are on their best behavior because Santa is always watching and makes sure to check his list twice!

Santa’s Helper

This Christmas morning tradition is about teaching your kids or family about spreading positivity throughout the world. It also involves a bit of community charity, but will definitely teach your loved ones humility and charity. Pick someone that you want to do this charitable act for it can be your own family, a special someone, or even a family that won’t be able to celebrate Christmas as you might. Get a stack of presents, clothing items, or even make some goodies to have.

Drive over to the home of whoever you picked and place down the package or goods without being seen, ringing their bell, or knocking on their door. The key to this Christmas morning tradition is to not get caught! Your family or kids will love being Santa’s special little helper!


Above are a few Christmas traditions that families across the country and around the world celebrate. Some may be new to you or some you may do in your own family. Whatever your tradition it’s the time to spend with those you love.