Get an Online Phone Number for Receiving Texts.

One advantage of working with Textedly is that your business communications are made even easier once you receive an online phone number for receiving texts. SMS marketing enables your business to instantly send text messages to all your contacts for the various business events such as sales events, marketing alerts, announcements, discounts, coupons and notifications, to name a few. Similarly, you would like to receive feedback from your customers in real-time, and that’s why our online phone number can be a great deal on how you interact with your clients.

Be assured of the 98% delivery Rate of your Text message.

Unlike other mass text messaging platforms, with the Textedly platform, you are assured that 98% of texts you send will be derived and read within 1-3 minutes. Certainly, the more effective your communication is, the more potential sales and customers you can make. Moreover, the Textedly platform has made it possible for your business to send bulk group text messages such as attachments and photos to all contacts at once.

Over 90 % of people prefer reading SMS.

You want your marketing message, notification, alerts and announcements to reach as many as possible and within the shortest time possible. Amazingly, with Textedly, you can get access to virtually all phone number contacts you want without a hassle and subsequently send and monitor the impact of the messages you’ve sent. Indeed, our free inbox texting solutions are the real deal when it comes to mass texting with your clients in real-time communication.

Get access to over 5 Billion Phones.

Certainly, the more people your message reaches, the more you increase the chances of getting new potential customers. Let’s assume out of the 5 Billion people you reach, even 1 % positive feedback can translate to significant sales in your business. With our automated messaging services, you can easily upload thousands or even millions of your contact with a single click of a button. Besides, you can easily collect phone numbers targeting potential customers using our easy to use tools.

Who should join Textedly for mass text messaging ?

Mass Business communicators. This is particularly very effective since our text message marketing services are very easy to use, the fastest and most effective digital communication method that enables you to send pictures and text messages instantly. Besides, you get a chance to measure and enhance your marketing campaigns. For people who prefer text messages, text messaging works on all mobile phones, easy to register, and an effective digital communication tool. Generally, textedly is quite affordable. It doesn’t require any form of maintenance; you always have full control and flexibility and no hidden costs as you don’t have to download additional software.