Have You Tried This Chocolate Pie Recipe?

It’s one thing to say the word chocolate, but it’s an entirely different story when you add the word “pie” to the mix. The mere mention of chocolate and your eyes get big, your mouth begins watering, and you start to shake a little bit. It doesn’t matter if its milk chocolate, semi-sweet, dark, bitter, or white. It’s cocoa at its best, its cocoa in a pie for goodness sakes.

Here we will let you in on a chocolate pie recipe that is just the most superb dessert that you could ever imagine. It is truly a must-try dessert to add to your recipe collection.

Everyone is familiar with chocolate, right? In case you’ve been living under a rock or shamefully deprived of this most delightful and glorious addition to life, I will explain what chocolate is briefly.

Real chocolate comes from the cacao tree that grows in tropical areas near the equator. The cacao bean is considered a fruit. That fruit is then turned into the delicious brown goodness we know as chocolate. Such a cool name, but I digress. The goodness is ground into a liquid, rolled out and then mixed with sugars and other ingredients to produce the world’s most favorite treat. You guessed it; chocolate.

Chocolate pie recipes can range from very simple to quite complex. You will first need to consider what type of chocolate you would like to use, and then what you want your pie’s crust to be made of. Would you like a cookie or graham cracker crust, or would you prefer to offset the sweetness of the pie with a flour-based shell?

These decisions are easy if you know how you like your chocolate pie. If you don’t dabble in the realm of chocolate and pie together inside of one dessert then you’re literally in for a treat.

The variations of chocolate pies nowadays seem to change almost daily. (No complaining here.) Your basic chocolate pie recipe ingredients may start with cream cheese, chocolate pudding, and cool whip. This is a basic filling that can be poured inside of an oreo cookie or regular pie crust and refrigerated. This is also referred to as an icebox pie. Keywords to look for are: quick and easy, two to three-ingredient recipes. Just look for the use of minimal ingredients.

Other recipes can be more complex when you’re talking about adding more steps in preparation and adding additions like nuts, candies, and chocolate chips. Some examples of recipes with a few more steps are chocolate cheesecake and chocolate cream pie which require more prep than your quick and easy or icebox recipes.

There are so many choices out there when it comes to dessert, you have the right to decide what you want in your pie, so start by making your own. This one’s a keeper. Just a heads up, the holidays are coming, so keep this one ready in your holster.