How to Make Simple Lasagna With Beef

If you have been following kitchen trends over the last few years, you already know about the upsurge in popularity experienced by the modern pressure cooker. This sleek, often multi-function appliance has become the darling of novice cooks, foodies and professional chefs alike.

Why is it so popular? Thanks to today’s high-tech safety features, updated pressure cookers no longer possess the traits that frightened many an aspiring chef away in the past. Their locking feature means that your machine won’t turn into a hissing, steaming monster that is unpredictable and prone to burning anyone nearby. In fact, you can’t even open the unit until the pressure has been manually or naturally released.

Now that the world of pressure cooking is safe and accessible, it’s time to dive in. With your cooker, you can prepare anything from meats to sauces in a fraction of the time it takes for conventional cooking. Even cheesecakes come out beautifully. The only thing that might limit you is your own imagination.

With so many choices open to you, you might be wondering what you should attempt first. Why not start with something totally unexpected: Pressure Cooker Lasagna? Thanks to this trendy appliance, you can prepare gooey, yummy and comforting lasagna in a fraction of the time without sacrificing any of the taste.

Of course, some preparation is still involved when making Pressure Cooker Lasagna. However, it bakes in just over 20 minutes. If you like a golden-brown top, place it under the broiler for 3-6 minutes after removing it from the pressure cooker, monitoring carefully. When you serve this tasty dish at your next party or family dinner, you probably won’t have any left-overs to refrigerate.